God: The Provider

Adoption is very costly!!  Not just a monetary cost (although this is a BIG chunk), but it also cost time, effort, and emotions!  However, the financial burden of adoption had been a deterring factor for us for several years.  We just did not have the needed $25-30,000 to adopt.   I think we used this as an excuse not to follow the call sooner.   I often think this is a hurdle many families wishing to adopt feel like they just can jump.  We finally resolved that if God was calling us to this journey He would provide everything along the way (even if that meant taking out a second mortgage).  Since May of 2011, when we finally took that step of faith, we have been amazed by how God has provided!!  I’m so thankful to serve an Awesome God who does supply my every need!!

Not long after we made the announcement about our adoption journey a friend gave Brad a book called, “Adopt without Debt: Creative Ways to Cover the Cost of Adoption”, by Julie Gumm.  Here is a link to her website.  Gumm details how her and her husband worked to become debt free.  Just as they reached that goal God called them to adopt internationally.  Not sure how they would do it without entering into debt again they found creative ways to raise the needed money.  While they felt God was calling them to adopt, they also felt He was not calling them back into debt.  They trusted He would provide, and He did.

After reading this book, I was very encouraged, but still not confident we would be able to raise the needed $30,000 without some debt.  I was doubting my ability and not considering God’s.  I got several good ideas from the book and thought we would try a few of them along the way, but I just wasn’t sure how to go about it.  I guess I was letting pride and other people’s perceptions stand in the way.  I was having trouble wrapping my finite mind around the concept that people would graciously and generously give us money, whether they got something for it (i.e. a t-shirt, auction item, yard sale item, etc.) or not, to help us reach our goal of providing a forever family to one of the least of these.  Satan kept telling me, “If you can’t afford it on your own maybe you shouldn’t be doing it.”

In August 2011 our niece passed away due to a genetic abnormality.  After little Lorris’s passing a few people made donations to us in memory of her for our adoption.  This was a very humbling time.  Brad and I had been asking God to provide the needed funds for the adoption, but we never imagined it would come through the loss of our niece.  With these donations we set up an Adoption Account.  This was just the beginning of God’s provision!

After entering the world of adoption I began to follow other adoption blogs.  I ran across one who had made Christmas ornaments and sold them as a fundraiser.  I liked this idea!  Now I’m not very crafty, but it looked pretty simple.  And so began our fundraising efforts.  Below are pictures of the finished product!  You can click on the photo to enlarge it

Adoption Prayer Request “Wish List”

Ornaments with our adoption theme verse!

  Another fundraising idea we had was to sell t-shirts.  There are some websites where you chose a design, related to adoption, have them printed, and then sell them.  I found several designs that I like, however, we wanted something more custom to our adoption (e.g. our them verse, S. Korea).  We used a local vender and “designed” our own shirts.  We originally gave them out for a $20 donation for one shirt, or a $30 donation for two.  With the end of our adoption nearing they are now available with a $10 donation.  If you would like one please let me know!

Colors come in Brown/Lime Green, Black/Silver, and Kelly Green/Navy.
Thanks to our nephews for being such great models!

 Our next big fundraising event was a yard sale.  We had the yard sale the first weekend in May 2012.  We received LOTS of donated items from family and friends.  This turned out to be a great success.  We managed to get rid of lots of junk…I mean great treasures and raised money for a great cause!  We received so many donations I think we could have had another yard sale the next weekend, but we were worn out and what remained was loaded up and taken to Goodwill, Hospice, and a local charity consignment store

The most fun and interesting fund-raising event we had was the silent auction which ended up being not so silent (read about it here), and a soup & sandwich dinner.  Auction items were donated by family and friends and we accepted monetary donations for the meal.  It was a great success!!

The last planned fundraiser was a benefit singing at my parents church.  My uncle sings in a Bluegrass Gospel band, Journey Home, and they were very gracious to come all the way from Tennessee and perform!  It was a wonderful time of great music and fellowship!

Along the way we also received some very generous monetary donations from family and friends.  It has been quite a humbling journey.  We are grateful for all the love that has been bestowed upon us!  We have also put any extra money we received (i.e. Birthday, Christmas, etc.) towards the adoption fund.  We even received a Money Tree at one of our showers!  All these efforts combined, in 14 months we have been able to raise the $30,000+ needed for the adoption and travel expenses!  PTL!

When we are faithful to follow the call, God is faithful to provide.  He doesn’t always call those who are already equipt, but He does always equip those He calls!!  No second mortgage needed!!

For more fundraising ideas check out our FUNdraising page. 🙂


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